SYMELEC RENOVABLESEnergy and Cost Saving

Optimization of electricity bills

We can carry out a study of their supply of electricity to minimize the cost of energy consumed.
By optimizing the rate savings are achieved very important in the annual electric bill, bringing a period of return on investment very low, or even nulo.La rate optimization is:

  • Analysis and breakdown of energy costs.
  • Adequacy of the fare to the particular conditions of each client.
  • Study of improved consumption patterns of each customer
  • Adjusting curves of supply and demand.
  • Corrección del Factor de Potencia

  • The reactive power is an additional power consumption that is not directly usable by the receivers, assuming a cost. This energy is the extra demand that some character inductive equipment such as motors, transformers, lamps, they need to function.
    Automatic equipment for Power Factor Correction avoid negative effects on the demand for extra energy. RENEWABLE SYMELEC offers these teams, ensuring the solution to this serious problem.Los equipos automáticos para la corrección del Factor de Potencia evitan efectos negativos en la demanda de energía extra. SYMELEC RENOVABLES le ofrece estos equipos, garantizando la solución a este grave problema.
  • Reduction in electricity bill / electricity bill reduction.
  • Reduced voltage drops.
  • Increasing the available power.
  • Reduction of the conductor section.
  • Reduced Joule losses.