SYMELEC RENOVABLESEnergy and Cost Saving

Connected to network
  • sistema connected to network
  • Reduction of electricity bills.
  • Bidirectional system connected to the grid through a low initial investment. Equipped with micro photovoltaic inverters in the back of each of the photovoltaic panels. Ideal for saving electricity bills.

Autonomous system
  • sistema autonomo connected to network
  • Complete solution for greater flexibility.
  • System to enjoy all the benefits of electricity from a clean, renewable manara, without the need to be connected to the mains.

Compact system
  • sistema compacto connected to network
  • Compact solution for saving invoice
  • Unidirectional system connected to grid allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of electricity a cleaner renewable manara and achieve savings in electricity bills.

Kit solar portable
  • kit solar portable
  • Mini “all” in one
  • Available from 10W to 500W.